Here are some albums of pictures on certain themes or topics. You can find them as well on my site 


Once in every five years the harbour of Amsterdam hosts a big nautical display of historical tall ships and other boats.
This album has pictures with a short impression of this event.

Oradour-sur-Glane is a small village in France. On the tenth of June 1944 the SS entered the village in the afternoon. They put all women and children in the church and set fire to it. All the men were put in front of a firing squad. Just a few people survived. Now the old village is a museum. Just as it was left. Nobody was punished by a court of law for this war crime.

When in Rome
Some black and white pictures of visits in 1993 and 1998.

Lesbos Greece (2007)
Black and white pictures of this beautiful Greek Island.

32 thoughts on “Albums

  1. Great albums. I enjoyed them all. Thank you for posting.

    The Oradour-sur-Glane story is very sad. Your B&W photos are sensitive to that, but there is also a stark quality in the images that brings to mind the horrific tragedy that happened here; one which we should not forget. The album makes you feel as if you traveled back in time to ’44. Excellent….


    • Thank you for visiting my website and the albums. And thanks for your comments on the Oradour album. The museum it is now is dedicated to all villages that have been a victim of ‘genocide’ like My Lai but also other villages during the second world war as we call it here. It is impressive to walk through that history, but looking from the present it also offers insight in new ways of living together.


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  4. Great monotone work. I look forward to perusing more closely when I am not (cough) at work! Thank you for stopping by my amateur photo blog; I appreciate the encouragement!


  5. My Dear Chris, would have liked to reblog Your ‘Oradour-sur- Glane’ album. Could not find the button. Thank You for sharing that part of history. Hope those memories help Mankind remain sane. Regards.


  6. Oradour-sur-Glane – I think the black and white approach works very well with this set.

    For whatever reason, the shot with the little boy reminds me of the one of the youngster carrying beer bottles – by Cartier Bresson, if I recall – although the subject matter has little in common.

    I may review the images I took there with that idea too. When we visited, there were many more visitors so ‘long shots’ would have so many people in them, there would have been a pleasure park to them – the odd person gives a more contemplative feel.

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