Chris Breebaart

Hello there! I am Chris Breebaart, 57 years of age, living in The Netherlands. One of my hobbies is taking pictures. I started as a little kid and kept doing it till now. On this blog I publish pictures; some are from the archive, some are recent.

My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic. From there I borrowed camera’s from my sister (a Agfa, a borrowed East German Praktika that weighed a ton – but with a Zeiss Lens – ) before I bought my first camera, a Pentax K1000. I remained faithful to Pentax until my ME-II Super shutter broke down. Having had the hassle of repairing it lots of times I decided to turn to Nikon, and I stayed there since. My first Nikon was a F301, then a F90 (occasionally still in use).  In 2004 I took the step to digital with a Nikon D70. In 2012 I switched to the Nikon D7000. and since 2016 I am using the Nikon D500 as well.

Being one of a generation that grew up with monochrome, I love shooting black and white. Most of my archive is build on that. I love the Kodak TriX, a great film. My love for monochrome is kept alive using my iPhone 6s plus as a source of photography. Having it always with me I use it a lot for snapshots. It is still limited in the dark and high contrasts. But my favorite app Hueless reminds me of the ‘old’ days when I started to learn to work with monochrome film. The app has built in filters and allows me to focus and measure light flexible. The big difference compared to film is I now can see the results immediately. The thrill of seeing a developed film from the lab or – even better – developing it myself, is gone with digital. It was always a surprise to see what came out, and how it came out. And back in those days photography was expensive. Film, chemicals, tools, enlarger, clocks, a dark room, paper etc cost money. But what did not change over the years was my way of working: most of what I do is intuitive.

My iPhone and iPad are also my ‘darkroom’. I edit photos for this blog using Snapseed and Marksta. My DSLR photos are downloaded to my iPad from my network storage. The result is good enough for this blog. Printing on paper is something different. I use Lightroom and an Epson R2400 for that.

I hope you do enjoy visiting this blog, and I do hope that you will come back regularly. Enjoy your stay. If you feel like it leave me some comments and feedback! It is nice to see comments and sometimes it is endearing to read what a photo can do to a visitor.

Rome Spanish Steps

Italy, Rome – Spanish Steps, March 1993

251 thoughts on “Chris Breebaart

        • Thank you again! I just read your about section and your travel in life. I recognize a lot you say about your discovery of what photography brings you as a subconscious memory service to shape stories you suddenly actually see in display. That is how it works for me in a lot of photos! I am happy my photos bring you something. Especially you taking the time to let me know!

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        • Thank you Chris. I hope to ask you much more about the places you have been to. I am not a very active blogger when it comes to connecting with other bloggers.only because I am an introvert by choice, habit and personality! Sometimes some posts bring a sense of that part world at that time and i feel compelled to say something. Thanks for reading about me.

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  1. Thanks for the Pingback on the Faces theme.
    I was interested to read that you also edit your DSLR photos on iPad. I would like to do this too. But I can only do it from my compact Nikon. I don’t know the editing apps you use – Snapspeed and Marksta, so I am looking forward to trying these out.
    Can I ask you an iPad related question? I have over 5000 photos on iPad camera roll, and I have put lots of these into smaller albums, My photos are getting too much to deal with. How do I delete the camera roll and just have the albums? Will the camera roll ever fill up completely?
    Hope you can help!

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    • Hi George, all my original photos are stored on a network attached storage of Synology. I use Lightroom to organize them and work on the ‘bigger’ pictures. I import files from the NAS to my iPad to edit them in Snapseed and Marksta and then upload them to a draft on WordPress. The publishing of drafts I do from a pc, that is more easy with a keyboard. So I do not store all my photos on iPad or iCloud. Just the ones I shoot with my iPhone until they are uploaded to the NAS and the photos I work on for WordPress.
      The all photos album is the original storage of photos, in albums you can make selections. Throwing away the original however makes you lose the album copy. The other way round (deleting a photo in an album) does not delete the original one. This what I know, but that might be not conclusive, I do hope it helps.

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  2. This is very interesting reading about your journey with your cameras. I’ve only grown from snapshots to photography since starting my blog. I know what you mean about working intuitively, I don’t like rules and calculations so much, so digital cameras are great that you can try something and see if it works or not, then try again. That’s the wonder of the experiment. I’m going to enjoy having a look at your work now. Cheerios

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  3. You have a long history of photography, for sure. I remember working with my dad in the darkroom. I loved the smells. I love your long list of cameras and equipment. I’m not a pro, and so most of my semi-professional shorts are with a Canon xTI Rebel. I use my iPhone for many things because it is so simple, and it shoots video. Thanks again for visiting my blog and linking my challenge post. 🙂

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    • I was lucky to live through film and dark rooms and the magic of it all. And looking back when scanning films how unfortunate it was – and understandable – that I shot so little of a promising object :-). On the other hand software now makes it able to work photos like I meant them then but was never able to print them in the dark room. I love my iPhone for daily shots. Thank you for leaving this reply

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  4. Hi Chris

    Thanks for including my WPC Buddha – On Chaos in your list. I appreciate all the support I can receive in growing my blog site traffic and followers. Photo blogging is an area I would like to pursue more in depth. I don’t own a camera at this point but I love my Galaxy S7 :). Works well for now. Keep going with this!!

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