Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall (of Shoes)

The weekly challenge is about ‘walls’. Walls erected, seen or unseen, walls built by ourselves or others, signs on walls.

I do not enjoy shopping. I am probably a typical male who does not like to spent too much time in a shop. And if I have to go I know what I want and I am out as fast as I can. Women are natural shoppers, and so is my spouse. We agreed I  come along if there is wifi and I can sit somewhere while waiting for her to finish her explorations and reconnaissance. And most of the time the iPhone comes out for editing photos or taking photos. This is a wall of shoes.

The Netherlands, Leidschendam – February 2015

Shot with iPhone 5s using Hueless,  edited using Snapseed and Marksta, click for a bigger version.



21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall (of Shoes)

        1. Damn, I tried to diminish my generalisation, and now you make it half mankind wide! Well, actually: shopping? They look a lot but do they buy a lot? Kijken, kijken niet kopen!


      1. Great! You’re in! All you need is to decide to join. Scroll down my post on the selfies and there you find the info. It’s simple. You shot what you like and if you like, share some technique so that others can learn from what you did. Not needed though. Then you post and ping back to my post, and not forgetting to add your photo to the link I give there.
        Let me know if it works ok.
        Thank you!!

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