Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine!!

This Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘mine’.
In a way it is about selfishness. Or more politely: having difficulty sharing, possessiveness.
Or not sharing at all. I like to turn the theme towards taking photos.

When I arrive in places and see a composition I like to ‘take’ that shot.
It is more seizing the opportunity then not wanting to share.
But I sense a feeling of eagerness and excitement to capture what is there.
Sharing is always possible, because what is there is not mine, it is free space.
I am allowed to shoot my picture. And have it as mine.
And show what I saw. To share. Luckily we all see things differently.


England, Brighton – February 2012

Originally shot with Nikon D7000 tweaked using Snapseed for Iphone
Click the picture for a larger version

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