Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban Leiden


This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘Urban’.

I live in a small town that once was a small village in the periphery of Leiden.
In time my village and other villages grew together with the urban area of Leiden.
Leiden is – for Dutch standards – a town (about 100.000 inhabitants) and has a long history.

I start my series with a picture taken on the old stronghold (De Burcht) of de Hooglandse Kerk.
Leiden has also the first university of Holland.  The second picture is from its botanical gardens.
As most towns in The Netherlands Leiden has canals and therefore bridges (picture 3)
Canals are now being used for enjoyment and relaxation (picture 4).
The last picture shows the Witte Singel. It is the canal that used to surround the old city.
The city walls stood here.

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Holland, Leiden – May 2005


Holland, Leiden – May 2005


Holland, Leiden – May 2005


Holland, Leiden – May 2005


Holland, Leiden – May 2005

Originally shot with Nikon D70 tweaked using Snapseed for Iphone
Click the picture for a larger version



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