Photographers: they frame and shoot 4 (Mona Lisa)

A few weeks ago I published a picture of a photographer taking a picture.
Since years I take and collect pictures of other photographers taking pictures;
framing them and shooting them while they shoot their shots.
On public demand – sounds funny – I will post a few of them here.
If a supermodel is defined by the amount of pictures taken of her, this is definitely one!
This is the last of the series. A famous painting by an Italian master: Mona Lisa.
I hope you enjoyed them.Feel free to let me know!


France, Paris – September 2008

Originally shot with Nikon D70, tweaked using Snapseed
Click the picture for a larger version


13 thoughts on “Photographers: they frame and shoot 4 (Mona Lisa)

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    • Thank you! Are you on it? 😉
      I was amazed with the people a d their rush to have to see it! Fortunately I saw it from near in a room with no glass before it was hung here after the refitting of the louvre.


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