Rotterdam Windows

The front of some houses in the old harbour of Rotterdam.
The details that repeat itself are quite funny.
I found another app in the Apple App Store, Superimpose.
I tweaked the same picture to bring it back to black and white.
Still looking for a way to ‘translate’ digital colours to a black and white standard.

Which one do you think is better or more appealing?


Holland, Rotterdam – June 2007


Holland, Rotterdam – June 2007

Originally shot with Nikon D70, tweaked with Snapseed for Iphone (colour) and Superimpose for Iphone (black and white)
Click the images for a larger version 


4 thoughts on “Rotterdam Windows

  1. I think the color photo is more appealing, particularly since there are no people, only things in the windows, and curtains. I especially like the blue tones in the color and find it intriguing to note what people have left in their windows, facing the street.
    The color photo appears warm and alive, while the black and white, appears lifeless and absent of life. IMO.


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